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  • Punctuality, Professionalism, Etiquette and general Charisma are virtues carefully covered under the umbrella of Discipline. We are here to serve you. We are trained to treat you like the most important person on the planet in those few minutes you will be with us. It’s our delight to be disciplined as individuals and as a company as well. 


  • You can’t go wrong if your goal is to become better today that you were yesterday. This is the practice of cultivating an excellent spirit within a man, and making excellence a company culture. We are excellent in everything we do. 


  • Did you know that we were the first company to come up with the 8yr Payment Plan and 0% interest policy? We started and our competitors followed. Leadership is in our core identity and we are exploring other avenues to explore. We redefine what is possible in real estate. 


  • Deltar n.m Properties is not a one man show. It’s a team effort. Our AGM Ms. Amina often quotes the words of John C Maxwell,  “Team work makes the dream work.” It will take our efforts your efforts, and our partners and contractors effort to keep the Deltar flag up and high. 


  • The real estate industry is full of young mediocre companies that just copy and paste what the bigger brands are doing. Here at Deltar, we are building a brand that will transcend time as we introduce original world-class ideas and projects to our clients, and new challenges for our partners and competitors.


  • What we say, we do. We are driven by the desire to  build relationships with everyone we have contact with. With this goal in our minds, we endeavor to promise and deliver, and to keep promising and delivering. 
  • Our core values

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