Off Plan projects

Questions to ask before buying Off Plan

Buying property off plan is becoming a more popular housing choice for home owners and investors and this is because you get to save at least 40% of the total amount you would have used when buying an already built house. 

Here are some of the top questions you need to ask when buying off plan:


1. What is off plan?

An off plan project is one that is yet to be built or is currently under construction. This ideally means that the buyer relys on floor plans, price lists and other property documents to make a purchase decision. 


2. Why buy off plan property?

Off plan projects tend to be more affordable compared to an established property

You can also benefit from capital growth because of waiting for an year or more for completion


3. Will my apartment be similar to the one on the brochure?

YES, the property will match exactly what is on the brochure and will be similar to the 3D models and renders that you will be shown when making the purchase. 


4. When is the best time to buy off plan

There isnt really a time span on when it is best to buy off plan. If you have the funds in place and you can afford to buy property then NOW is the best time to buy. 


5. Is buying off plan safe?

Off plan property is a very safe investment, however it is important to conduct thorough research first. 


These are just some of the questions that you should ask when buying off plan, however working with a property consultant can make the buying process much more easier.