Most Kenyans are fortunate enough to call their homes their own.

Over the past year, our homes have become an integral part of our lives more than ever. They’re much more than the houses we live in. They’re our workplaces, virtual schools, and safe havens that provide shelter, stability, and protection through the evolving health crisis. Today, most Kenyans are fortunate enough to call their homes their own.
So what are the benefits of owning a home:

Non-Financial Benefits
Owning a home brings a sense of happiness, satisfaction, and pride.
• Pride of Ownership: It feels good to have a place that’s truly your own since you can customize it to your liking.
• Civic Participation: Homeownership creates stability and a sense of community. It is a way to add to the strength of your local area and drive value into your neighbourhood.

Financial Benefits
Buying a home is also an investment in your financial future.
• Net Worth: Homeownership builds your net worth.
• Financial Security: Exemption from monthly housing expenses is the biggest financial benefits of owning a home.

Economic Benefits
Homeownership is a local economic driver.
• Housing-Related Spending: you know the base cost that you’re going to be spending to live in your home every month, both now and in the future
• Entrepreneurship: Owning a home enables new entrepreneurs to obtain access to credit to start or expand a business and generate new jobs by using their home as collateral for small business loans.

Bottom Line
The benefits of homeownership go well beyond the basics. Homeownership is truly a way to build financial freedom, find greater satisfaction and happiness, and make a substantial impact in your community. If owning a home is part of your dream this year, contact our regional sales experts to begin the home buying process today.