Here is how you can spend Valentine’s Day safely with your partner or family this time around.


The Covid-19 pandemic has limited our options for planning this year’s Valentine’s Day, but it does not mean you can’t celebrate the day with your loved ones within the safety of your home.

We have come up with some fun ideas to help you plan a great date for an unusual year. Here is how you can spend Valentine’s Day safely with your partner or family this time around.

Picnic for two on the roof

With rooftop gardens in all our apartments, you can be able to pull off ‘picnic under the stars’ this year, but if it will be crowded, it doesn’t mean you have to let the idea go. Move furniture around and get some space in your living room for an indoor picnic for you and your loved ones.  Remember every supply you may need will be sourced from around the house.

Virtual concert

With all our apartments connected to internet providers, you can enjoy a virtual concert from the comforts of your sofa. Several YouTube channels will be Live with special V-day concerts that can be good for you to enjoy. Remember to choose channels that are kid-friendly in case you are not alone with your Special One.

Cook dinner together

While there is always an option ordering take-out since our apartments are located close to all amenities. Cooking a special meal with your family in our spacious open plan can be more of a good time for you and your family than you think. If you have kids who are not good cooks, then you can learn to cook together on Valentine’s night but remember to keep your favourite food app on standby.

Movie marathon

This one is a classic for a reason. A night in with your Special one streaming the latest movies can be romantic and special. You can also include family-friendly movies or catch up on all the movies, documentaries and series you have been meaning to watch together. This is a fun way to unwind with your family and celebrate being together.

Learn a new dance together

Before you scrap this idea, dancing together can be a good way to bond. Again with good internet, go to YouTube tutorials and spend the night trying out new dance moves together. The worse you are at it, the better the night will be.

Remember before you start deciding on a theme but also include the young ones since Valentines is not only for that Special One but for the whole family in general.