1. Affordability

Decide how much are you willing and able to spend. The best approach is to start from the bottom and inch your way up.

  1. Access to Social Amenities

Check if you have easy access to communal facilities that will make your life more convenient

  1. Neighbourhood

Do your research to gain holistic information about the area beforehand. Make sure to keep a check on congestion and the security aspect.

  1. Amenities

Have a checklist of the things you need while buying an apartment in Nairobi, Kenya. In case the house does not have it, then at least it should have a provision to the items.

  1. Location

Convenience is one of the key elements that make a house a home. Your apartment should be in close proximity to – Highway, Shopping Centre, Airport and Petrol Stations.

  1. Return on Investment

If you are purchasing for reselling, you have to ensure that the future price will be high as compared to the purchase price. In case you are buying to live in, ensure that when you resell the property, you can have a higher price as compared to the purchasing price.