There are three major types of property options


There are three major types of Real Estate property options where one can invest in.

  • Buying a commercial property:

One of the most reliable options available for Kenyan investors is investing in a business property. Such an investment is looked upon as a more stable income source. This is because the lease agreement is for the period of not less than the five years and involves a rent increment clause over the lease period.

  • Buying a residential property:

Residential property is another property investment avenue in Kenya. One can purchase apartments, built houses or land and then construct a building. The only thing is that it will need a lot of expertise and is capital intensive.

  • Buying the land:

This is the most important real estate investment avenue in Kenya. Once you buy a piece of land, you can do anything with it. Most people purchase the land and then wait for the right time to sell to earn higher returns.