Taji Residence- All you need to know 

The real estate industry keeps changing day in, day out and with that change we have witnessed Deltar Properties emerge as one of the best real estate companies in the country. This year saw us bring up a new modern project that is simply exquisite, The Taji Residence. 

This is what you need to know about the Taji Residence:


1. It is located in Kilimani along Nyangumi Road

2. It has a flexible 8 year payment plan with 0% interest, meaning one can pay in installments of up to 8 years

3. It is a modern day block of apartments that has 3 levels of parking

4. This contemporary block of apartments is 18 stories high 

5. It consists of conventional 3 bedroom and duplex units with 36 duplex units and 72 conventional 3 bedroom units

6. It is situated in Kilimani meaning all necessary social amenities like shopping malls, hospitals, schools as well as religious centers 

    are nearby

7. The duplex unit is 220 square meters and the conventional 3 bedroom unit is 190 square meters. 

8. Taji also has facilities like:

     i. Backup power generator 

    ii. High speed lifts 

   iii. A swimming pool and roof top garden 

  iv.  Borehole water supply and many more. 


Ground Breaking for this project is set to start early 2020 with construction and completion set to take in place in 2 and a half years.