Deltar Properties

Why Invest in Deltar Properties 

Owning a home in the city sounds like such a hustle but we at Deltar Properties have given you a few reasons why we just made your home ownership journey much easier. 

These are a few reasons we believe you should invest with us:

1. A flexible Payment plan

We provide you with an 8 Year Payment Plan with 0% interest. This basically means that you get to own a home and pay for it in installments over 8 years with no interest. 

2. Location 

All our pojects are situated in prime locations, this means that there are necessary social amenities nearby all our projects like schools, hospitals, religious centers and shopping malls. 

3. Facilities 

In all our projects, we provide you with facilities like a back up power generator, high speed lifts, swimming pool, a gym, rooftop terrace and ample parking. 

4. Superb Finishing

The interior finishing in all our projects are just designed with architectural sophistication in mind, we have designed our projects with state of the art facilities and used impecable and superb designs.