1.1 Project description

TAJI Residence is a development that is located in Kilimani along Nyangumi Road.

The Residence consists of 16 Typical Floors, 5 levels of parking, (B1, B2 & GF) and intermediate level( Mezzanine) which is to house amenities. Typical Floors include conventional 3 bedroom units and 3 bedroom duplexes. Each typical floor consists of 4No. duplexes and 4No. conventional units bringing a cumulative number of duplexes to 28 and 56 conventional units.

1.2 Project objectives

To deliver high quality, family homes to individuals and corporates as a sure-fire way of investing in an affordable, functional and modern home.

1.3 Contract data

Project Title

Proposed Residential Flats on plot No.L.R 1/552, Kilimani

Deltar M.N Properties Ltd
P.O Box 71212- 00622 Nairobi

Constru Consultants 


Structural Engineer




MBA Construction Ltd


(+254) 735 555 104

Mechanical & Electrical Consultants
SERVCON Associates

P.O Box 5602-00100

Quantity Surveyor
Construction Costbill Systems
P.O Box 10613-00200


Effective Commencement Date

After Excavation(July 2020)


Completion Date

2nd Quarter 2022

Contract Period
30 Months

Revised Contract Period

Time elapsed

% of works done (Approx)
Excavation Complete

Date of this Report

1.4 Current Status of Works

The Excavation Sub-Contractor has completed the excavation to the required depths. 

1.6 Challenges Faced During Project Execution

The Issue of Long Rains had been a minor challenge in excavation works.

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